Steve Elliot spends the majority of his time with biometrics – testing, improving, researching and teaching. And he believes the study of biometrics can be integral to understanding the philosophy of technology.

As director of the International Center for Biometric Research, Elliott sees a direct correlation between the work he has started there and the goals of the Polytechnic Institute. From helping students through the innovation and patenting process to providing unique and relevant learning experiences, he focuses on helping students become stronger candidates for employment or graduate school.

He is already looking ahead to visualize how successes in PPI could be used in the broader curricula of the Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation. His work with teams and data collection are two areas that could be shared across academic programs. He also is interested in working themes into an academic program’s offerings.

“Technologists have to be integrators. They need to understand how the individual pieces of the puzzle fit together, and by having an integrative experience based on a theme, they will be even more competitive in the job market,” Elliott said.

He has proposed a new degree program in Technology Systems and Leadership, which would pull from his strengths in biometrics and research as well as other academic strengths offered by colleagues across Purdue University. 

Ph.D. in Industrial Technology/Automatic Identification & Data Capture, Purdue University
M.S. in Transport Planning and Management, University of Westminster, London
B.S. in Political Science, Iowa State University